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Jiddo Foods Healthy Foods,  Healthy Life Assortment
Jiddo Foods Healthy Foods, Healthy Life Assortment


Health is Wealth! – The quality and longevity of your life are directly proportional to the quality of food consumed. Live Healthily, Eat Healthily, and come with us at Jiddofoods.com as we unbundle foods that bring health and healing

The Healing Balm Pap Tamba  Flour on Jiddofoods.com provides restoration for the anomaly to the body and wellbeing and also enhances nutrition and may offer improvement in the following category.

  Asthma Management, and Prevention, Battles Anemia, Blood Pressure Reduction, Bone health, Born Formation,  Diabetes,  Hair Growth, Heart Health, Helps Digestion, Helps in Weight Loss, Immune System, Increase Lactation – Breast Milk, Liver Health, Muscle Repair, Obesity problems, Prostate and Kidney Disease, Reduces Cholesterol, Relaxes the Body, Reverts Skin Ageing, Sexual Function, Sexual Health, Skin Diseases, Skin Health, Thinness Problem, Weight Loss, Women’s beauty and health, Anti-cancer potential


Shop with us  Healing Balm Pap Flour on JiddoFoods.com!

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Showing all 5 results